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Trevor Nickolls
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Invitation to Trevor Nickolls Commemoration at the
Art Gallery of SA 17 Nov 2pm 2012

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Dubbed the "father of urban Aboriginal art", by Brenda L Croft, Trevor Nickolls has inspired and influenced many other artists. He and Rover Thomas represented Australia at the Venice Biennale in 1990, the first Indigenous artists to do so.

Trevor Nickolls is featured in all the major State Galleries in Australia and the National Gallery as well as corporate and private collections; while overseas a number of his works are in museums and collections in Europe, Canada and the US.

Since the 1970’s Trevor Nickolls has created art that is unique in style, incorporating some stylistic elements of traditional Aboriginal art such as dot painting and rarrk, in combination with imagery from diverse sources like comic books and the works of masters in the history of art. The resulting works contain sometimes complex iconography with multiple layers of meaning and sometimes combining tragedy with a wicked sense of humour.

A major theme for Trevor Nickolls’ art is Dreamtime to Machinetime, a theme which articulates cultural transition from the traditional Aboriginal cultural heritage of the Dreamtime into the world of mechanisation and technology. The work presents interactions between these two different worlds and shows the dilemma of living in both.

Trevor Nickolls Art

Medium: Most paintings are painted in acrylic on Belgium linen – enquire for details.

Dream lores Landscape
1. Dreamtime landscape with spirit - 2012, 218cm x 114cm

Metamorphosis Murray Cod Bright Lores The Flood
2. Metamorphosis - 2011 91.5cm x 91.5cm 3. River Murray water spirits and cod – 2012, Commission for Murray Bridge Regional Gallery

4. The Flood - 2010, 46 cm x 60 cm

Heaven Heaven and Hell on Earth Full Moon
5. Heaven - 2011, 91 cm x 91 cm (Tandanya Festival Exhibition) 6. Heaven and hell on other earth - 2011, 120 x 120 cm (Tandanya Festival Exhibition) 7. Full Moon - 2010, 91 cm x 91 cm

self portrait
8. Self Portrait with Boab Tree - 2010, 91cm x 91cm

9. Ahead of the time: the first contact - 2009, 91.5cm x 91.5cm 10. Self portrait with Alice and the Tin Man – 2010, 91cm x 91cm
Inspired by a trip to Alice Springs, the painting combines a dual self portrait within an Australian landscape.

11. Revenge of the Storm Boy - 2010, 142 cm x 151cm (detail)

12. Kiss of Creation - 2009, 205x140cm
This painting is about the kiss that is the beginning of the creation process in all nature. The milky way at the top of the painting is a significant Aboriginal creation concept connected to birth. The animism in the painting shows trees with hands reaching out with elements that are human as well as spiritual.

13. Man from Maralinga - 2010, 95cm x 135.8cm

14. Brush with the Lore - 2010, 187cm x 140cm

Portrait of Backyard
15. Uluru - 2010, 61cm x 91.5cm 16. Portrait of my back yard - 2011, 66 cm x 91 cm 17. Rover driving - 2010, 61.5cm x 81.5cm

Warmun Spaceship Warmun water spirits
18. Warmun Spaceship 19. Mother earth and father space kissing- 2009, 76 cm  x 46 cm 20. Warmun water spirits - 2004, 76 cm x 46 cm

21. Magpies playing at home- 2006, 38 x 38.0cm 22. Hippy Picnic - 2010, 81.5cm x 61cm 23. Bird and hand - 2010, 30 x 30cm

Trevor Nickolls’ painting: Inside looking out pic5
24. Man, machine, spirit head - black and blue pen, 1980 approx 17 x 11cm 25. Trevor Nickolls’ painting: Inside looking out – cover of Time Magazine Australia July 16, 1990 26. Waterhole with birds - charcoal on paper 2006, 50cm x 70cm

27. Landscape with tree - drawing, pen on paper 1980, approx 18 x 12cm 28. Walkabout - 1973, Limited edition, hand printed, black and white 1/5 image size 56 x 81cm, framed 83cm x 111cm 29. Walkabout - 1973, Limited edition, hand printed, multicolour background, image size 56 x 81cm, framed 83cm x 111cm

Trevor Nickolls Art Award

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